What makes our NFC Chip Platform so special and truely different from what is available from our colleagues in the semiconductor industry:

  • Our NFC Chip can interface with almost ANY type of (printed or 3rd party) Sensor or Circuit.
    Not just 1, but even up to 4 (preferably similar type) Sensors or Circuits can be interfaced!
  • Our NFC Chip can be added to almost ANY (electronic or non-electronic, new or already existing) device design.
    That device can then be made part of the "Internet of Things". For example:
    We help you upgrade the sports training equipment or the medical devices (or anything else) that you manufacture, to get "connected" and interfaced with its users: your customers. And interface between you and your customers.
  • Besides the above, our Chip also can connect to and control the status of up to 8 external circuits (switches). For example:
    To check if a product was opened / tampered (e.g. check if an expensive brand Cognac was maybe secretly refilled with some cheaper stuff...) or check at what time and date a tagged Pill Bottle was opened, and optionally also check its history for temperature (and/or humidity or other) exposure.
  • Check date and time of opening of up to 8 compartments in a Pill Blister: "Medication Adherence Monitoring".
    If needed we also have other circuitry to add extra other 32 ports: for Week- or Month-Pill Boxes.
    This helps the doctor or pharmacist or care giver to check if the patient indeed follows the prescribed medication and time regimen: Good for the patient, as well as for the prescriber and the insurance companies and governments involved to first improve the quality of Healthcare and to save on wrongly applied (very large...) budgets.
  • Radio interface for NFC type V: ISO-15693 (not ISO-14443 that is limited to a maximum of just a few centimeters in read distance)!
    This means that our NFC Chips can be read by all modern NFC Phones and other NFC devices, but also at much larger distance by larger output power RFID Readers as used in factories and logistic hubs.
  • NFC Phone read distance up to 9 centimeters,  depending on the Tag antenna dimension and design: this is one of our specialties (click here to watch this). We can apply our special Antenna Design Technology in the tags based on our Chip as well as in the reading devices that we offer.
  • RFID Tunnel or RFID Gate read distance up to 80 centimeters from each side, means that the tunnel can theoretically be 160 centimeters wide. Of course depending on the Reader Output Power and the Tag antenna design.

Custom made as "Turn Key" functioning NFC Chip that interfaces with Sensors or other Circuits, optimized for your project:

  • Together we select the appropriate interfaces for the desired use purpose: no function overhead or limitation.
  • Internal Controller (SOC: System On Chip) that we would program to the mutually agreed specifications.
  • The 64-bit UID# (Unique Identification Number) may optionally contain YOUR unique Manufacturer Number, so you have complete technical- and market-control over YOUR tagged products.
  • Manual Data Logging: Running all Passive (without any battery), it still can support data logging if an NFC-RFID Reader is presented.
  • Automatic Data Logging: In case a battery IS present (just a very few NFC chip designs, such as ours support this), the tag can function as "automatic data logger".
    Then at user preset time intervals, the chip will automatically store data in its internal memory, even without any RF field present: so it can also actively store data even if no NFC Reader is there to provide the necessary power and commands.
  • Read-Write: the type of chip data storage (EEPROM or FRAM) and its memory capacity can be selected (1, 2 , 8, 16, 32 or 64 Kb).
  • Read-Only (no internal data storage), but with the UID number and an optional NDEF string masked into the chip.
  • Internal Real Time Clock (calibrated to almost 99 % accuracy without external crystal) for use with a battery.
  • Optional external crystal for an even higher Real Time Clock accuracy, for use with a battery.

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