Project Based:

We typically work with and for global companies that need Custom NFC (Sensor) Solutions for their large consumer- and business-markets.

That implies that we do not offer our NFC Chip Solutions through the standard components distribution networks, because we make Custom Chips and Tags and Custom NFC Phones, NFC Data Hubs and NFC Wrist Phone Watches.
We logically only do so against minimum and large order quantities: Project Based.

Our Custom NFC Chips can be substantially more attractive and even cheaper than what our competitors offer!
And we offer more exclusive product properties to our customers, for example:
What about having your own manufacturer number as part of the UID# of the NFC Chip in your products?
This helps having better and more exclusive control over your products, your customer use data and this helps making it harder for your competitors to simply source and use exactly the same chip solution.

Our NFC Cellular Devices (Phones, Data Hubs, Wrist Phone Watches) and our finished NFC Tags perform better than ANY other NFC product based on its excellent engineering and production quality, including its unique NFC Antenna Designs, resulting in "Best of the World" NFC Read-Write Distance.
This may sound "snobbish", but sorry: it is true!

We charge for NRE- (Non-Recurring Engineering), Masking- and (if applicable) IP- and Molding-costs because we only make Custom products optimized for its specific use purpose and markets.
But as a result: the net cost per ready custom NFC chip or NFC Device is very competitive and you have unique product!

Net cost is negotiable because it highly depends on:

  • Actual quantity per order and per period.
  • Proven volume over time.
  • Specifications of your NFC Custom Chip or NFC Custom Device, for example:
    What interfaces and memory capacity and memory type are to be implemented?
    What type of Sensor to be implemented? (Produced by us or by a 3rd party?)
    What type of Chip packaging? If any?
  • Firmware specifications of the Custom Chip (and also maybe of the NFC Device).
  • Custom App development? Of course we can have that done for you.
  • Chip Delivery form?:
  • Packaged (we typically propose QFN32 packaging of 5*5*0.85 mm for the most extended specifications) because that is easy for fast and automated industry-standard SMT assembly and such packaging also quarantees best robustness and best and durable electric connections if many connections are involved: up to 32 connections could be used for full deployment of all possible chip functions.
  • Or maybe Die-On-Wafer. This can be somewhat smaller in dimension, but requires other chip bonding manufacturing techniques than what most factories can handle (but we can).

Our customers since more than 20 years typically are either:

  • Manufacturers that we supply with Custom Made NFC Devices (sold under their brand name) or Custom NFC Chips: delivered either as Packaged Chip or as Die-On-Wafer for further assembly in their products through their own factories.
  • Manufacturers that we supply with Semi-Finished Product: Custom Made Chips already integrated on circuitry and optionally including the Sensors of Choice. Where we take all NFC related technology part on our side, and the customer takes care of the further integration and assembly of the final End Product.
  • Larger commercial distribution companies that we manufacture the complete End Product for: all engineered, manufactured, tested, packaged, etc. by us in close cooperation with the customer.