Achievements and Innovations:

  • 1996: First production of LF (125 - 133 kHz) and HF (13.56 MHz) tags started in the factory in China that we work with since then.
  • 1997: Development of technology to enable the reading of LF and HF (13.56 MHz) tags mounted direct on metal, resolving the reading problems caused by the "Faraday Cage".
    We then -being the first company in the world- invented and produced a very thin and flexible substrate material that absorbs the radio wave allowing it to pass through the tag antenna before the radio energy would bend away from the metal. Thus getting the tag to receive the RF command and RF power that is transmitted from the RFID Reader and scatter back.
    Nowadays this technology is widely spread, but we were the first to develop, produce, demonstrate and succesfully sell it!
    The above technology, combined with our special antenna design and production capabilities was highly respected by the global RFID community.
  • 1998: Demonstrating to highly surprised professional RFID audiences how we could read LF tags through metal.
  • 1999: Development and production of tags for "Harsh Environments": special encapsulation and chip bonding techniques to make the tags withstand extremely high pressures and temperatures, temperature shock, humidity, etc.
  • 1999 ~ 2010: Continued production of Custom Tags for several industries such as Automotive (paint shop) and WTPMS: Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems, Domestic and Chemical waste containers identification, Postal and Logistics industries: combining Identification, Tracking and Weighing.
  • 2010 ~ 2011: Subcontract manufacturing for a globally operating company from the UK very high volumes of UHF-On-Metal tags and specialized UHF antennas, used in the oil industry and the world famous Dutch Flower Auction markets.
  • 2010 ~ 2013: Developing NFC based controllers and fully functioning prototypes for NFC Smart Medication Blisters, Activity- and Sleep-monitoring, Medical grade (Tissue) Pressure Change Sensing, Medical grade Temperature Sensing, Humidity Sensing through a specialized printed sensor technology.
  • 2010: Start of development by our own team of our 1st generation of an NFC Chip (ISO-15693) with interfaces for external controllers, sensors and other devices.
  • 2010 ~ 2014: Development and serial production with high sales volumes of our own NFC Feature Phone. Optimized for the home healthcare worker markets in the UK and Australia. Rugged, Reliable and with great NFC Reading Distance.
  • 2013: First commercial demonstration of the fully functional 1st generation of our NFC Chip with temperature controller attached.
  • 2014: Development and production of 3 versions of our own Android NFC Smart Phone, NFC Phone-Tablet (with adjustable NFC Antenna) and pocket size NFC-Bluetooth-GPS-WiFi-3G Data Hubs for sensors and more.
  • 2013 ~ 2014: Development of our 2nd generation NFC Chip with integrated Sensor Controller (SOC: System On Chip).
  • 2014 ~ 2017: Development of the 3rd generation of our further enhanced NFC Chip Platform with integrated controller (SOC) and many interfaces for many applications.
  • 2017: Market Introduction of our impressive and ready 3rd generation NFC Chip Platform.