Our NFC Chips can be read and written to by any modern and well designed NFC Phone, NFC Data Hub or NFC Watch.
Or by larger and more powerful ISO-15693 RFID Readers. ISO-15693 is a very widely supported global RF protocol.

But most of the NFC Phones on the market are very poorly designed for the NFC Read Distance. In such case for any NFC tag resulting in uncomfortable and too short tag reading distances.
So (based on our professional NFC - RFID expertise) we have developed our own NFC Phones and mobile NFC Data Hubs that provide BEST IN THE WORLD READ DISTANCES.
And we could integrate such good NFC reading capabilities in Smart (Phone) Watches.

Read distance depends on the tag antenna technology, design and dimension, but can be anything between 1 ~ 9 centimeters from mentioned NFC devices, depending on the NFC Antenna Technology that is applied in the tag (transponder) as well as in the Reading Device.
See here how good our NFC Phone works: at BEST READ DISTANCE IN THE WORLD!

Also our NFC Chips can be read by much larger output power static ISO-15693 Readers.
Read distance can be anything up to roughly 80 centimeters, depending on the Reader output power and on the tag antenna design and dimension.

2-Dimensional Gates and 3-Dimensional Tunnels
The actual Gate width and Tunnel width and height can be much larger, because depending on the Reader output power and on the tag antenna design and dimension it can read up to roughly 80 centimeters from each side.