Virtually unlimited possibilities:

Here under we list a few examples of what could be possible with our NFC Chip Platform.

Much more is possible, so this applications list is not complete: these are just a few examples. And you will have your own ideas and wishes, that we can discuss about!
Some examples (certainly not all!) may be subject to licensing if the application had been patented by a third party and depending on the territory.
In some cases -upon your request- we may be of help to connect you with such patent holder, but the use of such patented application needs to be agreed direct between you and such patent holder (if applicable).

Maybe you would be interested to add a Bluetooth transmission circuit to our NFC Chip: that is possible. Our NFC Chip Platform also provides the interface for that. Bluetooth requires a battery and logically adds cost and dimension, but for some applications it may be useful: Our NFC internal SoC would do all the sensing control jobs, and use the Bluetooth just for the automatic (real time) data transfer over a long distance. For example to our NFC-Bluetooth-Wifi-GPS Data Hub!
At the same time our NFC Chip would still enable the read out of the stored data on the tag at any time from an NFC device (at short distance), even if the battery would be depleted. Also it can arrange the Bluetooth handshake easily and fast.

  • Temperature Sensing without any battery (Passive) or with battery for automatic Data Logging:
    Accuracy can be ± 0.1 °C in a range of for example +33 to +44 °C (clinical range) or
    Accuracy can be ± 0.5 °C in a range of for example -10 to +60 °C (for blood bags or food or industrial purposes).
    We could measure the results of 2 (theoretically even of 4) temperature sensors: NTC thermistors for very high accuracy, or NTC SMD thermistors, or even printed temperature sensing circuits with lower accuracy: best are the tiny NTC Thermistors that we had specifically made for that purpose!
    Sensing from more than 1 thermistor allows for example to compare the measured object temperature against the ambient temperature.
    Temperature sensing may be combined with another sensing activity: Humidity, Pressure, Switch (Tamper) Monitoring, etc.
  • Relative Humidity Sensing without any battery (Passive) or with battery for automatic Data Logging:
    Accuracy depends on the selected sensor. Even printed Relative Humidity Sensor technology is possible in a range from 20 to 95%RH and providing an accuracy of 2 to 5 %. Measuring increasing and again decreasing RH (reversible).
    Humidity sensing may be combined with another sensing activity: Temperature, Pressure, Switch (Tamper) Monitoring, etc.
  • Pressure Sensing without any battery (Passive) or with battery for automatic Data Logging:
    In the past we made a combination on our NFC Chip with a Medical Grade Temperature Sensing and with a highly accurate Medical Grade MEMS Pressure Sensing circuit. "MEMS" stands for: MicroElectroMechanical Systems.
    In that case we applied an extra Sigma Delta 14-bit ADC, achieving an accuracy of ± 1 mm Hg in the range of -30 to 100 mm Hg and 1% accuracy in the range of 100 to 200 mm Hg. But for less accuracy we could very well use our internal RFC interface.
  • Motion Sensing (usually, but not necessarily in combination with a battery for automatic Data Logging):
    Using a highly accurate 3-axis MEMS Sensor that uses either the SPI or I2C interface in our NFC Chip Platform.
    For example to use for: Sleep and Activity Monitoring, Impact Sensing, Fall Detection, Pedometer, Gaming, etc......
  • Pollution or Threat Sensing (e.g. explosives traces), Spoiled (rotten) Food: without any battery (Passive):
    Printable sensor circuits (1 up to 4 circuits) can interface direct to our NFC Sensor Chip.
    Such printable sensors could be sensing ammonia (or other more specific) chemical hazardous traces.
    For example to put on food (indicating if it is rotten), but also on Laptops, Tablets etc., that now are being refused on board on certain flights.
  • Light Exposure Sensing: without any battery (Passive):
    Human skin, wines, etc. could be sensitive for too much of certain (invisible) light spectra.
    Printable sensor circuits (1 up to 4 circuits) that react on such defined spectrum and its resistance deteriorates over time, can interface direct to our NFC Sensor Chip.
  • Rust Sensing: without any battery (Passive):
    Can be used to monitor constructions and can be read through the concrete that encapsulates such metal reinforcements structures. Buildings, bridges, etc.
  • Glucose Sensing: without any battery (Passive) or with battery for automatic Data Logging:
    Accuracy, technology and where this Glucose Sensor Tag would be positioned depends on the selected sensor.
    We could also make a combination where we supply the NFC based Glucose Sensor AND where we could also integrate an Insulin Dosage Monitoring and Time Alert Circuitry for integration in the corresponding Insulin Pen.
  • Smart Medication: Pill Blister or Pill Cap Sensing with battery for automatic Data Logging:
    It monitors and reports (stores) at what date and time which medication had been taken (which pill cavity had been opened). It includes a user programmable Time Alert System to warn that it is time for taking the medication. Based on our NFC Chip Platform's internal I/O interface we can monitor up to 8 pill cavities and we could extend that with another 32 I/O ports with another ready circuit designed by us for that purpose.
  • Retrofitting existing 3rd party electronic designs:
    Our NFC Chip can connect to such 3rd party product and its internal controller and (if there) to the EEPROM inside such controller to communicate in 2 directions with the firmware inside that device.
    Sport Training devices can be set from the NFC phone to the user's preferences and store the training results.
    Medical (or any other) devices can become part of the "Internet of Things": communicating its measurements to the patient, his/her family, doctor, medical health file, etc.
    Manufacturers can easily provide firmware upgrades to their customer base through the user's cell phone and check the internal serial number and firmware version of that device, prior to allowing such firmware or settings update.
    Warranty registration can be handled the same very easy way: no need to fill out any warranty registration forms anymore!
  • Electronic Shelf Labels (ELS) in shops: with an extremely long lasting 3V battery:
    No need for any expensive and complex WiFi or IR data distribution infrastructure and special power distribution rails on the shelves. The internal 3V battery lasts for many many years.
    Simply identify the UID# of our NFC chip inside the ELS, then the NFC Device (NFC tablet or Phone) immediately writes the appropriate text and price etc. from the product database to that lable. It will display that latest price- and product information for ever.