Our NFC antenna designs are BEST IN THE WORLD!
We apply this special antenna technology in our internally developed and produced NFC Phones and Mobile NFC Data Hubs, as well as in the tags or labels based on our NFC chip.

Please look here and be amazed about the read distances that we can achieve with our technical NFC skills:

Our special NFC antenna technology is possible by combining our more than 20 years professional and hands-on RFID experience and the world's best technical antenna design skills of our long time specialized business partner in France for this.
As you can see: together we manage to get a read distance from any NFC tag that is FAR exceeding what ANY other NFC Phone can do!
Reading standard ISO-14443 and ISO-15693 Tags at distances up to roughly 8 or 9 centimeters, where most others read the same tags at (much) less than 50% of such distance: Our NFC antenna designs are BEST IN THE WORLD!